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Balloon flight Girona

To fly in a balloon in Girona is an experience that only a few can live. Globus Barcelona offers the possibility of flying in a balloon in Girona taking off from “el Passeig de la Copa” and enjoying it from the front line with the best aerial views.

This special flight requires a group of 8 passengers. The take off will be at sunrise, the meeting time will depend on the season of the year. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, it is convenient to bring a jacket for the early hour, although you must remind that in the balloon it is not cold. Don't wear heels, but sunglasses and a cap are recommended to protect you from the sun.

We will start with the basket on the ground and we will proceed with the building of  the hot air balloon, the passengers are invited to participate if they wish, and we will take pictures as souvenirs.

Once the envelope is stretched, we hook it to the basket and we inflate it with a powerful fan. When the envelope takes shape, the pilot begins to blow hot air by burning propane with the burners, this fact causes that the ballon starts to rise and in a few minutes...the hot air balloon is ready to fly.

All the passengers get into the basket, the pilot makes a safety briefing and gives the landing instructions. All is ready, we have contact with Girona airport, the ground crew checks the radio transmission and the pilot blows hot air with the burners...the balloon raises, the adventure begins!

Our passengers greet, smile, they are nervous and expectant at the same time, the feeling of flying in balloon is just as positive as indescribable. 

We see the Cathedral, the church of Sant Feliu, the houses of Onyar and the Ter river...We rise and our horizons expand, in the monastery of Daniel, the medieval district, ... to fly in a balloon in Girona is a luxury, a city with history, one of the most interesting of Catalonia with two fortresses: “la Força Vella” and the medieval district.

For an hour and a half we will fly through the sky in a hot air balloon, suspended in the air and where the wind wants to take us, meanwhile, our ground crew with whom we carry communication continuously by radio follows us.

The pilot will decide the place to land, accessible and above all safe, once on the ground and the balloon is fold, and the passengers will be transferred to the starting point in Girona

Nothing better than a good lunch in a restaurant from nearby to finish the activity and recover, the pilot will make a toast with cava to celebrate the adventure and he will deliver to each passenger a certificate that credits their bravery. We will discuss the flight while we see the pictures taken during the day and we will give us an usb digital device to share them with your family and friends.

The Girona's balloon flight has come to an end but surely from now you will stare at the sky and you will want to return there.

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