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Sebas FJ

Pilot and manager of Globus Barcelona, from very young dreamed of flying.

A fond of photography, in 98 starts flying paragliding in Amer, Girona, shortly after it is changed to Paramotor mode to be able to fly from any place and thus to photograph everything in sight of bird. He has participated in expeditions and competitions in different countries, Australia, Tunisia, Thailand, Morocco, Mexico, France, Spain, Jordan, Tanzania, with a total of more than 2000 flight hours in Paramotor.

He started photographing hot air balloons in 2005 and in 2006 he graduated as a hot air balloon pilot, where in a little more than a year he gained a commercial license and began to work and travel professionally as a commercial pilot, taking more than 1200 hours of flight. He has flown in different countries as a professional and has participated in adventure expeditions in Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Tanzania, Japan, USA and several European countries.

It currently has the qualification to fly the largest commercial air balloons, with capacity for 32 passengers. Enjoying and immortalizing each flight.


Administrative and Ground Equipment of Globus Barcelona, is fond of photography and travel. He has been working in the balloon world since 2013, and has been working and flying in Jordan, Canada, USA, Tunisia and Spain.

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