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At 7:30 in the morning we met the passengers at the meeting point and we moved to the take-off field in our vehicle. Two couples and a family of four are the passengers of this shared flight in Vic. We begin with the preparations, assemble burners, extend the sail and start the fan, start the inflat...
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Traditional Flight

Adult € 160 / Child € 100 Hot air balloon flight, lunch in restaurant, photo report, toast with cava, flight certificate and insurance. Optional Transfer Service from/to Barcelona city.

Traditional balloon flight.

Globus Barcelona does more than one-hour balloon flights in Barcelona and in the Empordà, normally they last around one hour and twenty minutes, this fact depends on the weather conditions.

Flight tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase, and you will choose when and where to fly, you only will have to notify us by e-mail or telephone about the date that you wish to make it. Whereas, the lunch, the photographic report, the flight cerfiticate and the toast with cava are included in the price to make a perfect experience.

Balloon flight in Catalonia is an experience that you always will remember. It begins very early in the morning, with sunrise. The preparation lasts half an hour and it is spectacular to see how the balloon gains shape and when it warms up and starts to raise. We are ready to takeoff. When we are inside the basket, the pilot makes a briefing and a test for the landing and ready! Softly, nearly in a magical way, the balloon leaves the ground and starts a path set up by the breeze because for an hour all the passengers will be part of the wind. An hour to look out at the world as always from a privileged balcony between the clouds.

The pilot takes the balloon to different heights looking for the most favorable currents of air so that the flight will be entertaining and varied. Time passes, it couldn't have been said better, flies. It is habitual to observe all type of wildlife during the flight. There are no sudden or unpleasant movements. The basket is extraordinarily stable and it would seem that the world is moving under us to offer us its secret corners. The views and the sensations are unforgettable.

After a reminder of the breafing the pilot starts to land, one of the funniest and most exciting moments of the balloon flight. After the landing passengers can, if they wish, help to collect the balloon, a good way to make the experience even more intense. 


If you want to enjoy a hot air balloon ride and you do not have a vehicle to go to the meeting point in Vic, you can hire our Transfer Service from Barcelona city.

What is the price? 35 € per person.
Where will we meet in Barcelona city? The meeting point is at the Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona, in Plaza Catalunya.
What time? At 5:30-6:30 am according to the season of the year (it takes about 50 minutes driving to Vic).
How to hire it?
When you make the online booking of the hot air balloon flight on our website, write in the box Observations that you need this service or you can also send us an email to confirm this service. You do not have to advance this payment, pay this service to our team on the day of the flight.

What includes?

  • Shared balloon flight 1hour and 15 minutes approximately.
  • Lunch in a restaurant after the balloon flight.
  • Photographic report of the flight.
  • Toast with cava.
  • Flight certificate.
  • Set up and folding of the balloon.
  • Monitoring and transfer by 4x4 during the activity.
  • Insurance.

Does not include:

  • Transfer Service from/to Barcelona city (Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona).
  • Tips.

The maximum weight per person is 100 Kg. Before each flight in hot air balloon the pilot has to make a load chart of the weight that the balloon carries, for this reason if you exceed this weight you must contact Globus Barcelona before making your reservation.

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