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At 7:30 in the morning we met the passengers at the meeting point and we moved to the take-off field in our vehicle. Two couples and a family of four are the passengers of this shared flight in Vic. We begin with the preparations, assemble burners, extend the sail and start the fan, start the inflation! It is one of the most interesting parts of the activity, to see how the balloon is taking shape. Our team makes an introduction about the balloon mechanism and we take pictures of the group for the day's report. The pilot begins to burn and while his assistant pulls the rope, the balloon begins to rise as if it were magic. Once on foot, passengers enter the basket. Juan travels with his family, Roser who has received a surprise from his partner Joan, and a lucky Cristina who got her flight ticket in a raffle and comes with her boyfriend Alex. The pilot makes the safety briefing and explains the landing position. We are ready to take off! The adventure begins, the balloon begins to ascend very gently while we greet the camera that is recording us. We continue to climb, and we begin to enjoy the sensation of flying in a balloon, so soft, so magical, just as we imagined when we were children.

Despite the low temperatures that are at this time of year, on land there were about 2-4 degrees, in height we enjoyed a much more pleasant environment due to the heat that burners give off. The pilot communicates with his assistant on the ground by radio, and indicates the direction of the balloon, which can not be directed, we are at the mercy of the wind. 210º Southwest. The wind is soft and we continue ascending, we are at a thousand meters of altitude and the peace that is breathed is incredible, we can see the whole flat of Vic, Santa Eulalia de Riuprimer, Santa Cecilia de Voltregá, Santa Eugenia de Berga.

We have 50 minutes of flight and the feeling is unique, although the best is still to come, we are about to reach the clouds, at 1500 meters altitude and we will reach up to 1900 meters in this balloon flight in Barcelona Vic. One of the most beautiful memories of the activity is a video that we make during the flight, taken with gopro camera gives an authentic vision of what is a balloon flight with all the panoramic we have at that time. The last part of the flight is at low altitude to enjoy the landscape that surrounds us in detail. After more than an hour and a half of flight, we make the approach to land, and very softly, we land! The pilot, his assistant and the passengers who wanted to collaborate in the deflation and packaging of the balloon, is ready for the next flight. As tradition dictates, we celebrate the adventure with a toast with cava and our ground crew takes us to the restaurant in Vic. I do not know if the hunger or the desire to see the photos and the video wins. So while we regain strength we see on a giant screen all the photo and video report of the morning. It will be a nice memory to share with family and friends. Finally, the pilot gave each passenger a flight certificate, as proof of their first balloon trip in Barcelona. Flying in a balloon is always an adventure, we never know where we will land, yes, it must be in a place where our ground crew can reach. Whether as a couple, with friends or as a family, fly in a balloon and you will discover that once you have tried it you will always look to the sky and want to return to rediscover the magic of flying.

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