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Christmas is one of the most anticipated and enjoyed times in the world, characterized by family union and enjoyment, without a doubt it is framed by cultural aspects but in the end the meaning is the same: joy. There is a diversity of ways to seek joy under the Christmas spirit, there are no limitations, so if you want to do something unique, out of the ordinary or extraordinary is the time to make a family balloon flight.

It should be noted that regardless of the different ways that countries have to celebrate their Christmas, give a balloon flight is a great option for this holiday, so Globus Barcelona takes the initiative to provide different offers or packages so there are no excuses to make a balloon ride. At your disposal has a gift Ticket to give it to the person you want.

Especially at Christmas you can give your family a family balloon flight, this detail is unique and you will surely enjoy it to the maximum that exclusive balloon flight that takes place in Catalonia, during the ride you can enjoy the feeling of tranquility and freedom as never before, observing the most beautiful places in the city, illuminated by the purest colors of nature and the enjoyment of a modern and spectacular architecture.

But that's not all, the experience of flying will give the best benefits of pleasure to you and your family as well as sharing a lunch in a typical restaurant in the area, followed by photos and videos taken of the experience, so that will not just stay in your memory. Each trip is unique, so each experience also.

Globus Barcelona offers the best benefits to its customers , having a high sense of responsibility, the best balloons and pilots so that users trust and have a greater enjoyment of the balloon ride at Christmas, allowing them to feel familiar with the rules and creating a pleasant atmosphere. Once the lunch is over, we proceed to make a toast to celebrate the activity carried out and the entertainment of it. Then he is given a diploma to certify that the family or group of friends has made a hot air balloon tour in the city.

This Christmas is full of surprise and gifts, so there is a Christmas offer for € 145 for the balloon flight, you also have at your disposal the choice of the area where you want to fly either Emporda or Barcelona Vic. The gift Ticket They have a year of validity so you can give it away or use it whenever you want.

This balloon ride at Christmas creates a bond between friends, couple or family, it is a different way to celebrate Christmas spirit, give the experience to your loved ones, remember that December is one of the months where it is shared in a cheerful way, leaves the negative things behind and give yourself a different point of view of the most beautiful places that exist in the country.

More information about the Christmas Offer to fly in a balloon in Barcelona or in l'Empordá by clicking here.

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